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Eros (Hades Supergiant Games Tribute)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another Hades freaking Tribute (oh man, looks like I want to work with this company... like, a lot). This time one of the primordial beings Eros and son of Aprhodite (wait, there's some plot holes in the script... well, magic I guess). He fall in love with a mortal named Psyque, and they met in dreams. Psyque wanted to see her lover's face but she dropped oil drop on his face, waking him up and upsetting him. To regaing the love of Eros, she has to pass four heroic tasks, most of them in the Underworld. Eros, worried about his loved one, he communicated with her with only his voice. She's represented in the oil lamp with the butterflies (psique means butterfly) and Eros blindfolded by their love. In game, he gaves boons for the coop runs (in the one that I made up with Melinoe) and asks you to watch out for Psyque in her tasks, giving you permanent upgrades as rewards.

"Wait! Don't see me like this, my crying face is awful..."